Peladão - Soccer Teams and Beauty Queens - A documentary by Jörn Schoppe

Every year in Amazonia a football tournament takes place that beats any other tournament in terms of size and eccentricity. For 5 months more than 1000 teams from all parts of society are competing against each other.

But it's not all about the beauty of football. Female beauty plays a vital role, too. By the rules of the Peladão every participating team has to present a beauty queen. For the success of a team having a beautiful queen is even more important than having skilled players: if a team loses its games and gets eliminated its beauty queen can bring it back into the tournament if she succeeds in the tournament's own beauty contest.

"PELADÃO - Soccer Teams and Beauty Queens" takes you to this exotic and crazy event. The film follows six protagonists on their way through the tournament telling a story of triumph, of broken dreams, of ambition and the passion for football and female beauty.

"PELADÃO - football teams and beauty queens" was shot on 16mm and MiniDV between Semptember and November 2004 in Manaus, Brazil.

PRODUCED BY Stefan Deutschmann
Lorenz Harms
Roland Meise
Jörn Schoppe
Detlef Schwarte
Stefan Vorbeck
DIRECTED BY Jörn Schoppe
CAMERA Stefan Deutschmann
SOUND Paul Paulun
EDITED BY Jörn Schoppe
SUPPORTED BY Piranha Musikdeli pictures postproduktionTV ACritica
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